When Evesham Township residents contact town officials to complain, it often is about the condition of a local road.

"Roads have been the number one issue since I became township manager," Township Manager Robert Corrales told in an interview.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Township had no major capital projects for roads, but used that time to reevaluate all roads. In the past, road projects were done on a neighborhood approach rather than singling out individual roads that needed attention, Corrales explained.

"This allows us to really address those roads...that are in really poor shape and those that are just on the brink of it," Corrales said.

25 roads in the worst condition in Evesham. See list at end of article.

Last month, the Township received a 72-page report — essentially an inventory and rating of most roads in town — from Remington & Vernick Engineers of Haddonfield.

The "Evesham Pavement Management System" report, provided to after an Open Public Records Act request, is believed to be the most comprehensive survey of the condition of roads in town to date and will be an ongoing planning tool to determine which roads need the most attention, Tim Staszewski, Township engineer and a Remington & Vernick manager, told

Staszewski said the road survey is intended to be a "living document" that will be revisited at least annually. 

"Many municipalities lack a comprehensive planning tool to guide the management of road maintenance," the report states. "Without a properly organized road maintenance effort, the pavements may deteriorate at an accelerated rate, which can cause the cost of treatments to increase substantially."

Road improvements can range from $10 a square yard for microsurfacing to $60 a square yard for full-depth reconstruction, according to the report.

Hopewell Road, for example, has three segments with a low rating — meaning reconstruction is required, the report notes. Those three segments will cost an estimated $2.77 million to reconstruct.


This part of Dutch Road in Evesham, at Hampton Lane, is scheduled to be reconstructed in 2021. The full reconstruction, from  Clifford Lane to Tomlinson Mill Road, will cost an estimated $579,396.

"We can't fall back any further," Corrales said of road improvements in town.

More than 60% of the $5.63 million in capital improvement borrowing being considered by Township Council is earmarked for road improvements. A second reading and final approval of the ordinance goes before the Council at its meeting on July 14.

Evesham is also seeking New Jersey Department of Transportation grants for road improvements, Corrales said. State funding to complete Lincoln Drive is expected this fall and the Township has applied for two DOT grants: one for Crown Royal Parkway, from Yarmouth Circle to the first Pineview Drive intersection, and one for Westcott Drive, from Marlton Parkway to Willow Bend Road.

25 Roads in Worst Condition in Evesham

A short segment of Arrowhead Drive has the lowest rating among all roads in the survey. One road not on the list, Peach Field Court, is scheduled for repair in 2021. All of the other projects for this year are in the Top 25 list.

SOURCE: June 2021 study by Remington &  Vernick Engineers

Rank Road From To Scheduled
1 Arrowhead Drive Flintstone Drive terminus 2022
2 Blue Anchor Street Entire length not assigned
3 Oak Avenue Evesham Avenue South Locust Avenue 2022
4 Nottingham Road Iron Gate Road Willow Ridge Road 2024
5 Paragon Avenue Tuckerton Road terminus 2025
6 Dutch Road Clifford Lane Tomlinson Mill Road 2021
7 County Farms Road Meadowview Circle Shari Court 2022
8 Sunbird Drive Route 73 borough limits 2025
9 Tenth Street Old Marlton Pike East terminus 2025
10 Apple Way Lincoln Drive Orchard Lane 2021
11 Cottage Street Entire length not assigned
12 Fifth Street Old Marlton Pike East terminus 2025
13 Greenbrook Drive North Elmwood Road Evesboro-Medford Road 2021
14 Posterity Place Preamble Drive cul-de-sac 2025
15 Thornwood Drive Greenbrook Drive Thornwood Drive 2021
16 Woodthrush Court Smallwood Court cul-de-sac 2021
17 Birchwood Drive Greenbrook Drive Greenbrook Drive 2021
18 Hopewell Road Deerfield Avenue Kettle Run Road 2024
19 Hopewell Road Bortons Road Deerfield Avenue not assigned
20 Hopewell Road Township Line Bortons Road 2023
21 Lincon Drive West Greentree Road Route 73 2021
22 Wescott Road Waverly Road Marlton Parkway 2024
23 Laurel Road Tuckerton Road terminus 2025
24 Smallwood Court Greenbrook Drive cul-de-sac 2021
25 Valley Forge Road Brandywine Drive Charter Oak Lane 2021