Car Wreck

A 70and73 analysis of 2018 state data on total traffic accidents and crashes by road drew a lot of interest from readers. We decided to plumb even deeper into the 2018 data to find the most dangerous drives.

To do so, we ventured beyond 70and73 Land but stuck to roads monitored by the state Department of Transportation in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties.

A 1.32-mile section of Route 130 in Pennsauken tracked by the state Department of Transportation had the greatest number of accidents for all stretches of roads monitored in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties in 2018.

Just what makes a road dangerous?

Could it be a very high accident rate (given the miles length and average traffic for a road segment)? Maybe, but some sections of roads have high rates but only a couple of accidents because they’re short stretches (as short as a 1/10th of a mile). Or some road sections could have low rates but a huge number of accidents because that stretch is among the most-traveled in the region.

We tossed aside the usual ranking and sorting alone in favor of offering more texture in the analysis. Here is what 70and73 found in its proprietary review of the state database.

In 2018, only one segment of road monitored by the DOT had more than 200 accidents in the three counties. That was 1.32 miles of Route 130 in Pennsauken between Central Highway in the south to Myrtle Avenue in the north.

Key here is that this road segment passes through the asphalt spaghetti where Routes 130, 30 and 38 intersect just east of Admiral Wilson Boulevard. You know, it’s that spot where you grip the steering wheel a bit harder.

This part of 130 had 215 crashes in 2018 and one-in-four involved injuries. The crash rate was 9.0, which was higher than Route 130’s overall 3.83 rate but far less than other part of Route 130.

A 0.72-mile piece of Route 130 in Gloucester City near the I-76 interchange had a crash rate of 13.89 with 157 crashes, again with about a quarter of them with injuries.

As expected, sections of I-295 and I-76 had crashes totaling well over 100 last year because of the amount of traffic on those routes each day.

Some other standouts:

  • Route 42 in Deptford near the interchanges for Hurfville Road (41) and Clements Bridge Road (544). The 0.9-mile stretch had 173 crashes with about one in five resulting in injuries. The accident rate of 2.3, however, was less than the rate of 3.03 for Route 42 as a whole.
  • Route 38 in Cherry Hill near Chapel Avenue and Haddonfield Road near the Cherry Hill Mall. The 0.73-mile road segment had 158 crashes last year and about a third resulted in injuries. The crash rate was 9.8, more than double the overall Route 38 rate of 4.21.
  • Route 130 in Gloucester City near I-76 and Market Street (634). The 0.72-mile segment had 157 crashes and about a quarter had injuries involved. The crash rate was 13.89, much higher than 130’s overall 3.83 rate.
  • Closer to home, the greatest number of crashes for a segment of Route 73 was in Mount Laurel near Fellowship Road and the Route 295 ramps and not far from the New Jersey Turnpike ramps. This half-mile road segment had 99 crashes and one in five had injuries. The crash rate was 10.0, far above the 2.96 rate for the full route.
  • The greatest number for Route 70 was in Cherry Hill near Cornell Avenue and Haddonfield Road near the Market Place at Garden State Park shopping center. The 0.78-mile section had 86 crashes and three out of 10 were with injuries. The crash rate was 4.75, which higher than 3.82 for the whole route.

High crash rates, high numbers

Some crash-heavy parts of routes had mid-level totals but also high rates. Some of those in 2018 included:

  • A third of a mile on Route 70 in Southampton had 14 accidents that gave this segment a crash rate of 61.39 – many times the overall rate of 3.82 for Route 70. That stretch of road is around the Route 206 intersection.
  • A 10th of a mile on Route 38 around the Lumberton/Mount Holly border had 27 crashes and a rate of 39.49, far more than the overall rate of 4.21.
  • In Cherry Hill, Route 41 (Kings Highway) around the intersection of Route 70 had 13 crashes, yielding a rate of 24.27 compared with the 4.21 overall rate. Other Kings Highway standouts: Around Brace Road, where there were 12 crashes and a rate of 12.22 on about 1/10th of a mile and around Chapel Avenue where there were 68 crashes and a rate of 11.55 on a 1.12-mile stretch.