old hands

An earlier version of this story incorrectly said it was for all Camden County residents. It is open only to those who live in the city of Camden.

Senior citizens living in Camden can get special attention from county police under a new program announced Thursday.

The Camden County Police Department's program is aimed at residents age 70 and older or disabled. They must live alone and not in a senior facility.

"Between the pandemic and the extreme temperatures over the course of the summer it was pertinent for us to formalize this program so we can have an active list of residents to check in on and help if the need arises," Police Chief Joseph Wysocki said in the statement announcing the "Senior Watch" program.

"The program will be put into use during conditions such as a public health crisis and extreme weather emergencies, or to prevent fraud and exploitation targeting elderly residents. During these times, police officers contact or go to the homes of registrants to check on their well-being," according to the announcement.

To register someone, go to https://seniorcontact.camdenpd.com/contact.